Glutathione services offered in White Plains, NY

Glutathione infusions offer a boost in immunity while helping detoxify your body. Serene Outpatient Infusion Center offers glutathione infusions among a broad selection of other beneficial infusions. Board-certified internist Raj Buddhavarapu, MD, and the team safely administer your infusions and supervise you throughout the process. To find out if glutathione infusions are a good fit for you, call Serene Outpatient Infusion Center or schedule an appointment online today.

Glutathione Q & A

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that comes from cells in your liver. Your body uses it for many different purposes, including cellular repair, protein formation, and immune system function. Your natural glutathione levels can fluctuate based on factors like age, stress, and diet. 

Serene Outpatient Infusion Center offers glutathione as one of its many beneficial infusion options. The multiple health and wellness benefits of taking glutathione intravenously far exceed those gained from taking antioxidants in the form of oral supplements. 

The team reviews your medical history and helps you decide what to include in your infusions. Among its many applications, glutathione reduces oxidative stress throughout your body, a major disease risk factor. 

What are the benefits of using glutathione in treatment?

Glutathione has a wide variety of applications as an infusion. It can improve multiple chronic health conditions and has a few more general benefits. The Serene Outpatient Infusion Center team might suggest a glutathione infusion for:

  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Certain autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance 
  • Respiratory disease
  • Heavy metal poisoning

On a more general note, glutathione infusions help slow down the aging process so you can feel more youthful and see fewer visual signs of aging like skin changes. They also boost your immunity to fight infectious diseases and help regenerate vital nutrients like vitamins C and E. 

What should I expect after a glutathione infusion?

Soon after your glutathione infusion at Serene Outpatient Infusion Center, you can leave the office right away. You might see some redness and irritation around the injection site, but other side effects are unlikely. 

You might feel a bit more tired than usual after a glutathione infusion at Serene Outpatient Infusion Center, but you can safely go about your typical routine immediately after you leave the office. 

Many benefits are immediate right away or shortly after your infusion. However, if you’d like to gain the most possible benefits from glutathione, you should talk to the team about your goals and go through a series of infusions. 

For more information on glutathione and its roles in your health as an infusion, call Serene Outpatient Infusion Center or schedule an appointment online today.