About Raj Buddhavarapu, MD

Board Certified in Integrative Medicine in White Plains, NY

Raj Buddhavarapu

Raj Buddhavarapu, MD, is an internist board-certified in palliative care and geriatrics. He serves patients at Serene Outpatient Infusion Center in White Plains, New York. 

Dr. Buddhavarapu has served in several leadership roles in various facilities throughout his career. He is also the founder of Serene Outpatient Infusion Center, where he leads a team of skilled providers. 

At Serene Outpatient Infusion Center, Dr. Buddhavarapu ensures care is personalized for every patient and delivered promptly. As the medical director, Dr. Buddhavarapu oversees every infusion or therapeutic injection. The team works collaboratively to provide patients with the best care possible. They aim to offer patients a stress-free process while receiving treatment in a state-of-the-art environment. 

Dr. Buddhavarapu is an expert in non-conventional infusion therapies with vast experience in chronic integrative pain management, such as ketamine infusions and medical marijuana. He is also a graduate of Andrew Weil Center for integrative medicine in Tucson Arizona. 

Dr. Buddhavarapu is accepting new and existing patients. He looks forward to working with every one of you.