Patients & Providers

Patients & Providers

Serene Infusion works with experienced staff and state of the art facility specializing in the latest integrative and traditional medications and infusion techniques. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to you, your family, and caregivers by offering:

  • Care planning and case management with treatment centers

  • Comprehensive assessments and reviews

  • Expertise in line and catheter placement/maintenance

  • Counseling on treatment and medications by our doctors, nurses and pharmacists

  • Extensive educational resources to help you and your family understand your treatment

  • Infusion therapy administered by skilled registered nurses

  • Week days 9:00am-5:00pm nursing and pharmacy services

  •  Emergency product availability

Serene Infusion is sensitive to the questions, complications, and paperwork that arise with insurance--especially when dealing with important health concerns. You can rely on us to help coordinate your benefits and resolve issues. We provide a reimbursement team to handle authorizations, billing, and collections and expertise in available coverage, plan limits, and billing issues.